Millie is a multi-disciplinary studio of graphic designers, writers, thinkers, and above all: die-hard lovers of a great offline experience. We work hard to translate beautiful visions into beautiful visuals.


A graphic design agency that is proudly based in Toronto + Calgary
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Let’s take this offline.

Client: Kaisa
Project: Brand

Client: Salted Cycle
Project: Brand, Print, Art Direction

Client: Beetroot Nutrition
Project: Package Design

Client: XTherapy Fitness
Project: Brand, Print, Art Direction

Client: Arbuckles Bakery
Project: Brand, Print

Client: CrushCamp Fitness
Project: Brand, Print


Client: Realign
Project: Brand, Print

Client: Seaweed Cannabis
Project: Brand, Print, Package Design

Client: Wild Tea Kombucha
Project: Package Design


Client: Glace Treat Truck
Project: Brand, Print

Client: Roar Music Festival / Camp Ooch
Project: Brand, Print

Client: Old Coal
Project: Package Design


Client: Restorative Sports Therapy
Project: Brand, Print


Offline experiences

You might check out a spin class because of a cool instagram post. You might purchase kombucha based on the label (#guilty). You might stop in to a restaurant because of their cool logo.

We live for those moments that happen between bites and sips and squats and if we can help in creating those moments in any way, we’re in. Let’s take this offline.

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Select Clients

3Fold Partners
Beetroot Nutrition
Danielle LaPorte
Dose Coaching
Forthlane Partners
Guru Singh

Howitzer Whiskey
Jacki Carr
Laré Studios
lululemon athletica
Lumen Farms
Mary Beth LaRue
Mayo Clinic
Metta Beverages
Mount Royal University

Nyte Beverages
Rock Your Bliss
Rugby Canada
Salted Cycle
Sarjesa Inc.
Seaweed Cannabis
Teach Away
The Corker Co.

The Well Brewing
Town of Canmore
Trico Changemakers Studio
University of Toronto
Wild Tea Kombucha
X Therapy
Yoga Journal
Yoga Passage

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