Punch Card

Because working together more is more fun. We work with small businesses and understand how flexible and agile your needs are as your business evolves and grows. By purchasing a block of hours up front, you can let us know exactly where you want us to spend our time, instead of getting locked into quotes or package prices.

We’ll store all of your pre-purchased hours in a beautiful little spreadsheet, and update you throughout each project.


80-Hour Punch Card
$6400 ($80/hr)

40-Hour Punch Card
$3600 ($90/hr)

20-Hour Punch Card
$2000 ($100/hr)

No punch card (Hourly)

1 Month Unlimited*
$6400 ($40/hr)

*40 hours a week / 5 days a week

Note: Punch Cards are designed to support you with ongoing hourly work and are not valid for logo design but they are valid for nearly everything else!). Cards expire 6 months after original date of purchase, and unused hours will magically vanish into thin air.