From the designers behind Trout + Taylor, meet Millie.

Nyte Beverages

San Francisco, CA

The founder of Nyte is a pioneer in the energy drink business and a super athlete. Combine those two elements with the beneficial properties of CBD, and you have Nyte Beverages.


The Project:

Package Design
Art Direction
Marketing Assets

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Nyte sits at the intersection of the vibes you get while watching the whole night sky illuminate with stars, and the feeling of nailing your hardest workout yet. A stark black palette combined with energetic colours and bold typography should do.

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Because a lot of getting CBD consumer goods on the shelves falls in the hands of rules and regulations of what can and cannot be included on packaging, we took the typographic route by very clearly and obviously illustrating the uses and benefits of the product front and centre.

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The Nyte brand is rolling out right now straight into the hands of a health nut near you.


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