Meet Millie.

Maine Cater Recruitment Co.

Camden, Maine

Maine Cater is not a catering company. But they are absolutely phenomenal food & bev recruiters who came to us needing literally everything under the sun to rebrand their recruitment biz.


The Project:

Branding (Rebrand)
Web Design
Print Collateral
Art Direction
Marketing Assets

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The brand ethos of Maine Cater falls somewhere between a tech company and the hipster restaurants they serve. The typography and colour palette plays a huge part in conveying the intersection of these two industries.

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To draw parallels into the food and beverage industry, we created a butcher paper inspired pattern as a supporting graphic element to the brand.

The butcher paper was another way to incorporate the many faces of the Maine Cater brand. A trend in the restaurant biz is multiple submarks, for a variety of uses. Because, why create one logo when you can create thirteen?

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Because Maine Cater is catering to Maine for recruiting (not catering) a big part of the brand identity refresh was creating hard-to-miss brand messaging to be used across all their marketing materials.

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The Apron

Every member of their team is always ready to tie on an apron in moments of crisis. We love that aprons are there to protect a chef from whatever is being thrown at them, and Maine Cater will do exactly that for their candidates.


The Tin Can

MC told us they were always open, and could take a call at anytime. We loved that this tech-focused biz was committed to tried and true ways of thinking and doing. Nothing says tried and true ways of communicating like two soup cans and a string.

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While they won’t provide sandwich trays for your wedding, they will line you up with your dream job. The brand was rolled out in early June with an enthusiastic response from their clients.

More information on this project, including some before-and-after glam shots, a behind the scenes look at our creative process, and a full scope of work will be published super soon in our case studies section.


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