Why hire a designer?


(And most of the reasons include getting (or keeping) more money in your bank account)


01. We know our way around a graphic

For the same reasons you wouldn’t hire your plumber to do your dentistry or your personal trainer to file your taxes, we believe that hiring an expert is always a great idea. Our team has decades of experience in design and paid off the student loans to prove our academic prowess.

With the influx of graphic design programs that teach you that you, too, can be a designer, we are finding people spend time doing it themselves and then come back to us to help, anyway. Pulling a tooth out with a doorknob seems easy in comparison.


02. You’ll spend less money in the long run

Tortoise and the hare, much? It’s an investment to hire a designer and as a small business, dollars are precious. There’s no downside in having product that looks great because great looking product will fly off the shelves faster than an ok-looking product. We strongly believe in doing it right, the first time.


03. You’ll stand out with something totally customized

We start with a discovery session to find out exactly what makes your biz different from the competition. We’ll distill your values and goals into something truly custom that only you will have. And, we’re talking truly custom. You want your dog’s portrait sketched onto your macaron boxes? You got it.


04. Consistency builds trust

We’ll make the first impression of your brand a strong one, by making sure all your individual assets look like family members, not coworkers. Real talk: it doesn’t matter how incredible your product is; if it doesn’t look professional and legit, consumers will be wary to drop those dollars. There’s nothing less trustworthy than a bunch of assets that look cobbled together and trust = a better bottom line. 


05. Design is more than making something look pretty

Great graphic design is more of a science than an art. It’s a marriage between colour theory, personalities of typefaces, patterns and graphics. Our job is 90% translator and 10% artist; our goal is to translate your vision into beautiful visuals that are rooted in your values... and not simply make something look pretty. The upside is that you’ll always look great in the process.


06. Find out what already works in a saturated market

The food and beverage industry is tried, tested, and not going anywhere. Because we have experience working with hundreds of small businesses, we’ve researched at length what works and what doesn’t.


07. It’s one less thing to worry about

You spend time doing what is most important for you or your business (whether that is creating best-in-class products or walking your aforementioned dog) and we’ll manage making your product stand out.


08. Make your product work for you

We live in an era where everything is posted, snapped, liked and shared online. When you have a great looking product, your chances of people posting, snapping, liking and sharing online increase exponentially. Like a trusty employee, you’ve already paid the financial price of the product cost, you might as well let the product do some heavy lifting for you. More posting, snapping, liking and sharing online means more dollars in the bank. 

Cait Wharton