Q+A: Maine Cater Recruitment Co

Project in Review

We recently wrapped the Maine Cater project; a recruiting business for the restaurant industry in Maine. Having struggled through several rebrands, this team reached out earlier in the year wanting to do it right, once and for all. They needed a full rebrand with lots of moving parts to overhaul and not a lot of time to do it. They opted to hire us for one month, unlimited hours: and yep, that means bringing us on as their in-house team with no limit to the amount of design hours they could request within that time frame. We sat down with Maine Cater founder and CEO, Daryle, to get his hot take on his experience working with us.

Give us the Goods, Daryle

Q:What was the most challenging part of the project?
A: We were nervous about the process. We already rebranded once before and we had to make sure this was the final time and everything was on point. To us, it was a monumental task and we were worried it wouldn't be completed on time.

Q: What made you choose the one-month unlimited punch card?
A: Based on the amount of work we needed to be completed, the unlimited punch card was the most cost-effective. It was as simple as us providing the Millie team what we needed to be created or revamped, and off they went - keeping everything consistent with our branding.

Q: What was your favourite part of working with us as your in-house design team for the month?
A: The high level of consistency. You kept asking for any additional projects we wanted to throw at you, all the way to the very end and at no point seemed overwhelmed with the workload we provided. People think it’s a huge investment, but the cost savings was crazy; the work completed would have taken one or many of our staff members away from their desks for at least the same amount of time. We’re getting three different mindsets across the Millie team and it made more sense to go through one team.

(editors note: he didn’t mention that he would miss our dad jokes? Weird.)

Q: How do you feel the 1-mo unlimited punch card set you up for success?
A: We're huge on consistency but lacked the time and knowledge to get all of our documents, proposals, and contracts representing of our brand. The Millie team managed to get everything in place, updated, organized, branded, and formatted for us. This has saved us so much time and overall our operation looks much slicker.

Total Scope of Work

In 2.5 months, we completed the following:

  • Brand identity design, including building out their brand with 13 sub marks, a pattern and several brand taglines and a brand standards manual to train their staff on the new visuals.

  • The design and implementation of their website, including copywriting for 8 pages

  • Design of all things paper: including stationary, letterhead, envelope and a matching envelope stamp, duh! Business card design, branded greeting cards ranging from Happy Birthday to You’re the Fuc*ing best)

  • Copywriting, editing and redesign of all their (8) snoozeville legal contracts. Creation of a template for future contracts, proposals and docs.

  • Social media design for the ‘gram and the ‘book and the ‘link. Creation of social media squares and design in Canva to continue creating gorg posts in the future.

  • Swag design including creation of several t-shirts, apron for their new chefs, and hats.

  • Copywriting and redesign of their employee handbook.

  • Art direction brief for all upcoming photoshoots.

  • Design of their services / proposal doc

  • Digital media ads including social media and google ads


What a month, Daryle! Next beer is on us :)

Q+ACait Wharton