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Toronto, ON

Gardenstead is an online platform geared towards supporting the urban gardener. They approached us needing a bee-autiful brand that would appeal to a millennial, not their grandmother.


The Project:

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This online education-first platform needed a brand that was tech enough to be techy but cool enough to appeal to people who liked their hands in the dirt. The chosen logo is friendly, modern and recognizable.

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After a lengthly research and brand discovery sesh, we knew we had to find a symbol that could be universal to all gardeners; whether your idea of a garden is one tomato plant or a full acre. The humble bumblebee was the perfect symbol that spanned across all gardeners.

(… And, after a lengthly brand presentation to proudly unveil this symbol to the Gardenstead team, the CEO told us he was, in fact, deathly allergic to bees). Despite this, it still felt like the absolute perfect symbol for the brand. You better believe we’re writing a blog post about this one).

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Bees are learners and the hive imagery speaks to the community that gardenstead aspires to foster. Did you know there are 20,000 different types of bees? If every bee was human-sized, that would fill Madison Square Gardens. Go bees.

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We’re working with this brand that is growing like a wildflower, so more projects will be added upon their blossoming.


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